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About Shooting For Grilla

Can I get some more clarity around the expectations of my role as a freelancer?

When a gig becomes available, we look at available videographers in the area (and their availability) when selecting freelancers for a shoot. You will be expected to bring the necessary gear (that you indicated you can bring to gigs) for the shoot.

Will I be given available shoots to pick up or will they be assigned to me based off my availability?

Shoots are assigned based on availability (and we try to cycle through all our contractors, in each area, at least once in order to properly assess their work).

Will I be expected to work a minimum amount of time to maintain the contract. Is there a max of how much I can work in a given time period?

You are an independent contractor and can work as little or as much as you want. There is no max.

Where will the majority of my shoots be located?

Shooters are based on area and most of our shoots in California are in the SoCal area (L.A., OC, etc.)

I read that all shoots average 3 hours with $35-$50 an hour. How is payment determined for each gig in relation to how much gear is needed?

If you are assigned as a Director, you will get $50/hour; $35/hour as an AD. You will be told your capacity for any shoot and always have the right to turn down any opportunity. Gear has nothing to do with the pay amount. (Directors and ADs will be expected to bring gear as needed.)

Together We Build

Ready To See What's Next?

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