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Video Marketing

Elegant video campaigns to feed your feed without the headache of hiring an agency.

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We keep campaigns clean and simple. No surprising costs or extras, and while every video is unique your budgets can be predictable.

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Our Process for Building Your Brand

Grilla produces multi waved campaigns to keep your feeds fresh all year round. Your brand is unique and so are your videos but we approach every client in a productive and systemized way.


We kick off with a call to discover and understand how much video you need


We then work out what kind of videos you'll want and what unique ideas we can convey


Then we allocate video types by wave, set out a time and work out which tier you’ll be on.

Here’s what an example set of waves might look like across 4 to 8 months:

Direct Response

Short videos aimed at lead generation on social media, video and search engine sites. We create at least one video to test each of your brand's value propositions.


Your customers deserve better than pixelated screenshots and fuzzy voice overs. Let us demo your product for you.


What better to show your customers than other evangelised customers.


High production un-boxings to show off the polished side of your product.


Forget fiverr, we'll produce a clear cut explainer that every prospect will love.

Founder profile

Consistent content is the name and interviewing the founders to give your customers a brand to buy into is the game.


Out with the blog and in with video & audio. Whether it be a podcast or simply bitesized knowledge bombs. We'll come and capture you as a thought leader.

Employee life/culture

Let us capture your culture, environment and challenges so that you can give customers a peak under the hood and hiring pipeline a refreshing dose of candor.

Instagram stories

We'll fill your content character with instagram stories that will keep your followers flowing.