GRILLA is a team of Hollywood and Technology professionals who are passionate about providing businesses with access to world class video content.

Some of the ways GRILLA can help you


80% of web traffic is now video content. Meet your customers where they are!


Create experiences that your customers share with their networks.


Reach potential partners with immersive, impressive content that they can share with their professional networks.

Our Story

Grilla was founded with two goals in mind.
Michael Jacobs

Mike’s a serial entrepreneur, who came from technology and wanted to give the world an easy way to get a video produced through a process that is easy, fast and affordable.

The Team

Michael and Shane are joined by film industry professionals that are dedicated to developing their craft. We look forward to serving you and your business by crafting the best marketing product that your business has ever had in its toolkit. And then creating new and amazing content again and again in order to meet the demands of modern digital marketing campaigns.

Mike Jacobs


A serial entrepreneur, Mike came from technology and wanted to give the world a way to get a video produced through a process that is easy, fast and affordable.

Greg Oganesian

Director of Account Management

I provide excellent service to customers, ensuring their complete satisfaction and brand loyalty. I cultivate strong working relationships with co-workers based on trust, cooperation and a team approach. #oneteamonedream

Matt Quinn

VP Growth & Finance

I am obsessed with learning, experiencing and mastering:
- The distribution, marketing and growth of new products that will change the world we live in

- The capital requirements, structures and resource allocations of the products that will build the world we live in

- The processes, operations, relationships and leadership that will shape the products set to change the world that we live in.

I've founded 2 companies (sold 1), been an engineer, a financial officer, a growth lead and a bunch of other things.

Having been involved with Techstars for 3 years now I live by #GiveFirst so please never hesitate to reach out with a legitimate question or request.

Unlocking human potential and creating jobs drives me everyday. Grilla unlocks incredible videography talent and fits it sustainably into the needs of businesses. Who could ask for a better product.
Walker is also an industry expert in the area of “college content”, having been a part of two startups involving this space. He has lectured at Yale University, USC, UNAM, Harvard University and London School of Economics on the subject of student-generated content and it's the effect on the future of media.

Shane grew up in Clearwater Florida and loves surfing, traveling and writing screenplays.